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Please know that we are interested in receiving submissions from individuals who have completed manuscripts. If you already submitted your work to other publishers, please let us know.

How To Attach Your Sample Chapters

We welcome you to submit your sample chapters here. Please limit your attachment to the first 50 pages in PDF form. 

Soncata Press Believes  In Responsiveness

Unlike many publishing houses, a Soncata Press team member will acknowledge receipt of your submissions within 48 hours.

We Will Not Leave You Hanging!

Our Acquisition’s Editor will respond to your submission within 30 days from receiving the first 50 pages of your manuscript. If interested, we will request the entire work. If your manuscript does not appear to be the right fit for Soncata Press, we will let budding authors know. In either case, we promise not to leave you hanging.

How to Attach the First 50 Pages of Your Manuscript

Please submit only the first 50 pages of your completed manuscript.
*It should be a max of 5MB