How did this Soncata Press come about?

Soncata Press was created because of the need that its founder, Ann Marie Sabath saw three years ago. This prolific author of 11 books recognized that many outstanding new writers remained just that: writers. They were frequently rejected by large traditional publishing houses. The reason? They did not have existing social media platforms or websites that would serve as a launching pad to announce their books to the world. 

New authors have to start somewhere

One thing is for certain: Followers are essential for a book to be successful. When Soncata Press invites budding authors to become part of it publishing family, they are given a list of marketing tools to attract followers in order to grow their readership.

How a small publisher like Soncata Press differs from large publishing houses

Good things often come in small packages and one of them is working with a small press. Soncata Press believes in quality rather quantity. It accomplishes this by focusing its attention on publishing fewer books each year so that it can give the personalized publishing attention to each author’s manuscript as well as the marketing attention to its new releases.

Did you know that 10% of the success of a book is writing it and 90% is marketing it?

The Soncata Press


Ann Marie Sabath


Ann Marie is the founder of Soncata Press. She grew a 33 year old consulting firm where she trained more than 200,000 individuals on how to create their own success. During those three decades, she wrote her first eight books that were byproducts of her training. After spearheading a Writers Circle, Sabath recognized the challenges that even the best writers faced for become authors which became the catalyst for beginning this small press. 

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Lillian Hawkins

Senior Acquisition Director

Lillian has been in the Educational Sector for more than 50 years. Besides serving in leadership roles as School Board President, this individual has taught thousands of people how to express themselves through the written word. Lillian has also authored a book under a pseudonym which was released in 2005.

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Amber Wert

Chief Operations Officer

Amber Wert is the Chief Operating Officer of our organization. Her role encompasses overseeing the business and financial side of Soncata Press. Ms. Wert received her Bachelor of Science in Finance & Accounting from the Farmer School of Business at Miami University.

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Lena Stoots

Social Media Consultant

Lena Stoots is the Social Media Director for Soncata Press. She began her VBoss firm in 2020 which specializes in social media marketing and management.

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Howard Grossman

Book Cover Design

Howard has been an Art Director & Graphic Designer for more than 35 years— with the greater part of his early years in book publishing. For the past twenty-plus years, has continued designing book covers while also working independently with a wide range of small businesses, corporations, nonprofits, and individuals to help shape their message and presentation through websites, promotional materials, identities and logos.

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