The Wannabe Investor

Genre: Business / Stock Investment Strategies
Release Date: April 1
Language: English
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Hardback: 233 pages
ISBN: 979-8-9898-574-1-8
Price: $29.95

The Wannabe Investor

Let The Wannabe Investor Be the Key To Unlocking A Brighter Financial Future For You!

  • Do you find the stock market intimidating?
  • Does the thought of losing your hard-earned money hold you back?
  • Do you think you don’t have enough time to dedicate to investing in the market?

You’re not alone! Approximately 40 percent of Americans shy away from investing in the stock market due to lack of knowledge, funds, or confidence. In this groundbreaking book, Ann Marie Sabath, a former wannabe investor turned diversified stock owner, shares her wealth of knowledge to empower you to enter the world of investing one step at a time.

Sabath’s writing style is refreshingly down-10-earth, making even the most intricate concepts easy to grasp. She shares the essential pre-investment steps, ensuring you have a solid foundation before you buy your first share of stock. She explains the seven excuses people make for not investing, the importahce of identifying your risk tolerance, the power of compounding, the one-hour-a-year investment strategy, and much more.

The Wannabe Investor isn’t just another dry investment book. It’s a transformative guide that reveals the strategies that self-made millionaires use to build wealth. Don’t let your hard-earned money languish in low-yield savings accounts or slow-growing bonds any longer. You will be ready to take control of your financial future after reading The Wannabe Investor.

Advance Praise for The Wannabe Investor

The Wannabe Investor should be on every investor’s desk. As a former hedge fund portfolio manager, I wholeheartedly endorse the imperative for new investors to grasp the basics of buying stocks before venturing into the market.”
—Jay Newman, Author, Undermoney

The Wannabe Investor offers readers a refreshing approach to a subject that too often seems to combine boredom with muddle.  Far from either boring or muddled, author, Ann Marie Sabath offers new investors practical advice with remarkable clarity. Her work could also help many who otherwise think of themselves as experienced.”
—Milton Ezrati
Senior Contributing Editor Business & Finance, Forbes
Author, Bite-Sized Investing

“This is the ultimate book about investing! The Wannabe Investor: 40 Must-Know Facts Before Buying Your First Stock is literally a treasure trove of investing information. Ann Marie utilizes the real-life stories of people she’s come across during her research to help illustrate, magnify, and prove her points. This book lays out all the financial nuts and bolts in black and white and in a very understandable way.”
—Ken Murray, Author, On Parr

About the Author

Ann Marie Sabath has authored ten books, including the best-selling What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t. Her passion for investing was ignited during her ten life-changing years under the guidance of a seasoned stock market guru. Inspired by his six-decade fortune-building journey, she developed a keen understanding of investment principles and practical choices, which allowed her to build her substantial nest egg. Today, Sabath dedicates her time to empowering individuals to create their success through the content in The Wannabe Investor and her other books.

Sonnie & the Pink Collar

Genre: Children’s Books
Release: Date: September 1, 2024
Language: English
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11
32 pages
ISBN: 979-8-9898574-4-9
Price: $14.99

Sonnie and the Pink Collar

Sonnie and the Pink Collar, a story about friendship and acceptance, tells the heartwarming tale of Sonnie, whom children see as a rough and tough muscular dog, and her friend, Tucker, whom children think of as a big teddy bear. Sonnie grapples with being misjudged as a dog that children should not get near because of how it looks.

Being ignored makes Sonnie feel sad as she watches Tucker get all the attention. When Tucker learns that Sonnie feels neglected, he embarks on a mission for children to see Sonnie differently, hoping it will cheer up his doggie friend. Through humorous attempts to recommend that Sonnie wear a pink tutu, a hat adorned with daisies, and even pink boots, Tucker finally lands on an idea that Sonnie loves!

Tucker’s creative solution not only attracts children to Sonnie; it also gives her that much-needed self-confidence. Sonnie and the Pink Collar emphasizes the importance of feeling accepted and the power of true friendship.

About the Author

Maddy Luongo has worked with over 500 canine clients during her 10-year dog-walking career. This self-proclaimed dog therapist drew inspiration from her daily dog-walking experiences to write “Sonnie & the Pink Collar.”

Her observations about how dogs interact with each other and the attention they receive from people based on their “cuteness” fueled this touching story. The way Maddy puts it, “Dogs have feelings, too! Just like people, these four-legged creatures crave love and attention.

Serpent Boy

Genre: African Cultural Heritage
Release Date: October 1, 2024
Language: English
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Paperback: 373 pages
ISBN: 979-8-9898574-5-6
Price: $19.95

Serpent Boy

“Serpent Boy” is a compelling narrative that explores resilience, justice, and the triumph of compassion over entrenched traditions. It unfolds the gripping tale of Kamboda, a boy with physical impairments in an African community where tradition deems such children as spirits. Kamboda’s mysterious disappearance becomes a catalyst for his cousin, Maladho, to embark on a relentless pursuit of truth. As Maladho challenges deep-rooted beliefs and government complicity, the story transforms into a poignant exploration of societal transformation. Supported by his girlfriend, N’Dammesse, Maladho’s courageous journey exposes a heinous practice and sparks a revolution, offering hope for change and the redemption of innocence. “Serpent Boy” is a powerful odyssey, leaving readers captivated by its exploration of justice, compassion, and the indomitable human spirit.

About the Author

Suleimane Camara, driven by a fervent commitment to social justice and a keen sense of empathy, felt compelled to write “Serpent Boy” as a platform to challenge societal norms and shed light on the struggles of marginalized individuals. Drawing inspiration from real-world injustices, Camara’s writing reflects a deep understanding of the human spirit’s resilience and an unwavering dedication to fostering societal transformation through storytelling.